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How Is Speed Influenced By A Wireless DSL Router?

Many things are required of you when you install a DSL internet connection. Many of these connections will work with either a wired or a wireless DSL router. You need to know how the router creates internet connectivity before you get started.

Basically, the wireless DSL router (or the wired DSL router) is what sits between the internet connection and your computer. Any malfunction of this device will definitely influence the DSL speed that can be optimally achieved by your connection.

Speed is dependent on a host of other factors such as bad wiring, malfunctioning hardware, bad connections and so on; however, when it comes to the wireless DSL router the hardware and the wires are rarely the problem.

The easiest way to find out whether your speed problem is because of the router or any other reason is to connect the computer to the internet without using the router and check its speed.

Diagnosing the Problem

If the speed is faster than before and you don't have trouble, then definitely it is the router's problem. If not, the problem lies elsewhere you had better call the technical support team to have your internet connection checked. There are many instances where the fault does not lie with the wireless DSL router or any other such new equipment, but with the computer itself.

If the computer is old, then its processing chip might be incompatible with the modern high-speed wireless DSL router and this could be the reason why your speed is impeded. In case you have a doubt on this aspect, you can either check it out with another computer or call in the technical support staff who can easily diagnosis the compatibility of your computer's chip and the wireless DSL router.

This is not to say that a wireless DSL router can't develop other, temporary problems. If you've been online for several hours before noticing any drop in speed, then try turning off both the computer and router for at least 30 minutes to let the equipment cool down.

Other Problems

For those who use Microsoft Windows as their operating system, there are some other factors which influence the speed, including new modified virus strains called malwares or spywares which get into your computer while you are surfing the internet and slow it down. In order to prevent this, you will need to install anti-spyware software and then have a regular spyware scan (preferably every week) so as to root the possibility of any spyware corrupting your computer.

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